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A kinship on the Laurelin server
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 GM Farmer

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Member of The Last Resistance

Number of posts : 54
Age : 30
Location : The netherlands
Registration date : 2008-02-18

Character Info
Main Character's Name: Blumke
Race: Man
Class: Captain

GM Farmer Empty
PostSubject: GM Farmer   GM Farmer Icon_minitime22/2/2008, 04:28

Please post her the name of you character that is GM Farmer.

Blumke Captain level 50, GM Woodworker
Cottesser Hunter level 47, Master Cook
Saira Lore-Master level 20
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Member of The Last Resistance

Number of posts : 37
Age : 45
Registration date : 2008-03-05

Character Info
Main Character's Name: Nargili
Race: Dwarf
Class: Guardian

GM Farmer Empty
PostSubject: Re: GM Farmer   GM Farmer Icon_minitime20/8/2008, 04:53

Eleduin is GM Farmer.

Laelia Hobbit Minstrel lv.50
Eleduin Woman Lore-master lv.50
Nargili Dwarf Guardian lv.50
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GM Farmer
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