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 The hunter's charge (level 30)

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The hunter's charge (level 30) Empty
PostSubject: The hunter's charge (level 30)   The hunter's charge (level 30) Icon_minitime26/2/2008, 07:13

Step 1:
Speak to a hunter's trainer. accept the quest The hunter's charge.

Step 2:
Talk to Gytha Lainey. Look for her at Adso's Camp, on the road between Bree-town and Buckland.
This is the same woman you spoke with for your level 15 Hunter's quest. Coming from Bree-town,

Step 3:
Talk to Gytha Lainey and travel into the Shire. When you are ready, select "Travel Now".

Step 4:
Talk to Gytha Lainey. She tells you that you have to talk to the people of Overhill. After you speak with Otho Broadbelt, Postman Boffin, Hart Holeman, and Gammer Boffin.

Talk to Gytha Lainey again.

Defeat the intruding Wargs. Travel North somewhat up the hill from where you were talking with Gytha. Your most important task is to not let too many of the Wargs go past you, and the best way to do this is to be ahead of them when they arrive, and to put down a trap to slow down at least one of them. After you've gone somewhat north, use your tracking to find the Roaming and Prowling Wargs (level 24-25), and kill them before they get to the town.

Your best bet is to distract the Warg boss creature from making it to Gytha. He is called Laugzok, and is a level 26 Signature mob with 1,534 morale and 383 power.
After you have killed the requisite number of them, talk to Gytha Lainey. When you are ready to go back to Adso's Camp, select "Finish Now."

Step 5:
take your rewards Smile
The hunter's charge (level 30) Reward10The hunter's charge (level 30) Reward11
You can only choose 1 of them!

The hunter's charge (level 30) Reward12

Good luch with the quest.

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The hunter's charge (level 30)
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