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 The hunter's path (level 15)

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PostSubject: The hunter's path (level 15)   26/2/2008, 06:17

Step 1 :
Speak to hunter's trainer Flambard Took in the south end of Bree.

Step 2 :
If you haven't already done so, it might be worth it to pick up a few helpful skills for this quest:
Cry of the Predator - a 'fear' skill
Passage of Nature - a tracking skill
Set Trap - traps to hold an enemy temporarily

Step 3:
Speak to Gytha Lainey at Adso's Camp. Adso's Camp is "on the Great East Road between Bree and Buckland".

Step 4:
Take the quest. The quest is in a private instance. No fellowship is allowed, as this is a test of your ability as a hunter to take down the beast yourself.

Step 5:
Go into the Old Forest. Using tracking, you can lock onto Yellowfang. He will appear as a red dot on your radar. Killing the lesser wolves before going for Yellowfang will reduce the chance of "buddies" joining him in his battle against you.

Step 6:
speak to Gytha again, and she will take you back to Adso's camp and give you your reward. Quest is done now Smile

Good luck with the quest hope you can use it

Blumke Captain level 50, GM Woodworker
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The hunter's path (level 15)
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